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showing your friend something you know they would flip out over and they say “I’ve already seen it”


i was supposed to be the hero

i had been meaning to ask you about the conflict since you live in Israel because people are always so quick to judge Israel for their actions like the hamas weren't trying to eradicate you guys completely, so i'm glad we got to read your opinion on the subject — Anonymous

I just reblogged something from Bill Maher’s show that I think I can say really represents my view as an Israeli on the whole thing. I think a little prior knowledge of the situation is needed, but it’s very well spoken.  

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As a young, Jewish woman, living in the UK my perspective on Israel/ Palestine is obviously effected by both the international media, and by my actual physical distance from the conflict. Personally, I'm troubled by the actions of the Israeli government, and the tragic affect on human life, and many of my peers are actively pro-Palestine. I guess I'm just wondering if there is any sense of unease amongst young Israeli Jews, as there appears to be in the international community? — Anonymous

Unease over the deaths of Palestinian civilians? As a whole, definitely, I can also speak personally and say yes, I feel worse than uneasy, I feel horrible. I can’t pretend that I haven’t heard some of my peers say things like “let’s just nuke ‘em all” or “we should just cut off gaza and let them float away” (that last one doesn’t really seem feasible, regardless) but that’s mostly out of frustration with the whole situation.

It’s important to remember that in this not-officially-a-war that Israel’s enemy is not the Palestinians but Hamas. We have no desire to kill anyone but terrorists (while Hamas’ entire goal is to kill every Israeli and every Jew). It’s horrible when civilians die, and I hate the very thought of it, but Israel is doing everything it can to prevent this from happening.

When we were only bombing from the air, we would call and tell people that we were about to bomb a certain area so that the civilians could get out and save themselves, although Hamas would encourage them to stay and act as human shields. Hamas uses it’s civilians as human shields and then blames Israel when a civilian dies.

Yes, the Palestinian civilian death toll is way greater than the Israeli one, but you must remember that Israel’s leaders use taxpayer dollars (well, shekels) to build missile defense systems and there are laws requiring bomb shelters in every residential and commercial building and sirens that go off whenever a rocket is headed in a certain direction so that people have time to run into shelters,  even if all the time they have is 15 seconds. 

Hamas uses it’s money (a lot of aid from outside forces, and, I’m assuming, taxpayer shekels(?), but I don’t know how the infrastructure works there) not to defend the people or to invest into making the Gaza strip beautiful and vibrant as it has the potential to be, instead they use the cement to build tunnels into Israel in order to try and kidnap soldiers and civilians and commit terrorist attacks on Israeli soil. These are the very tunnels Israel has gone into Gaza in order to destroy.

So, to answer your question, yes, I feel bad about every civilian on either side that dies. But, it’s hard to feel like almost any civilian deaths are Israel’s fault and not Hamas’. If Hamas stopped firing into Israel, Israel would leave the Gaza strip alone, like we have before, the opposite cannot be said. For Israel quiet is when only a couple rockets are being fired at us from Gaza, instead of hundreds. 

I really feel like the Palestinians’ real enemy is the leaders they’ve elected and not Israel.

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bout to take the ride of my life


bout to take the ride of my life


Bill Maher: Israel is Victim of Soft Bigotry of High Expectations

“If the Hamas people had the opportunity, they would kill the maximum number of Israelis, which would be all. And Israel has the opportunity to kill way more and they do not.  It seems like they are the victim of the soft bigotry of high expectations.”

Maher also made it clear as to who he blames for civilian deaths in Gaza. He said, “I feel terrible for a Palestinian child who dies, but if it’s your father, your brother, your uncle who is firing those rockets into Israel, who’s fault is it really? Do you really expect the Israelis not to retaliate?”

The comment drew applause from Maher’s studio audience and had him agreeing with one of his guests Jamie Weinstein, senior editor of The Daily Caller. Weinstein said that Hamas extremists make it their mission to destroy Israel regardless of the country’s actions.

“I don’t think you can understand the conflict without reading Hamas’s charter, upon which they were founded, which clearly calls — and it’s chilling — calls for not only the destruction of Israel but the murder of Jews generally,” Weinsten explained.


Michael, do you remember, you specifically told me to only bring one sheet of paper? You said it only takes one sheet to make a difference. And I said, “Are you sure Michael?” And you said “Pam! Pam! Pam!” And then you sneezed in my tea, and then you said, “Don’t worry, it’s just allergies.” Do you remember that?

The Perigee is the point in the moon’s orbit at which it’s closest to Earth
Photographed at midnight in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada by Francis Anderson (May 5th, 2012)

The Perigee is the point in the moon’s orbit at which it’s closest to Earth

Photographed at midnight in Tuktoyaktuk, Canada by Francis Anderson (May 5th, 2012)


The Office: Finale table read (x).

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I am just in such shock

this guy was a year older than me, he had hopes and dreams and ambitions just like I do

except that he will never get a chance to accomplish any of that

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Someone that was in the grade above me in high school died in Gaza today


Some kid at my high school sent out the snap chat of the year.


Some kid at my high school sent out the snap chat of the year.